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We love Students!

We love their deep and real questions, their pursuit of growth and change, and when given the opportunity they will accomplish tremendous good in the world around them!


Inspiring & Equipping Students to Spread the life-changing message of Jesus!
It's all about Jesus!

The classes you take, the sports you play, and the jokes you tell are all about Jesus! From the rising sun to the newborn baby, and everything in between, points to the ultimate reality that God exists and deserves our worship! The Bible says it this way, "All things were made through Him and for Him" (Col 1:16). This means that every aspect of our lives, what we say, feel, think & touch, point to our need for Jesus and our fulfilment found only in Him. It's our deepest conviction to help students see Jesus for who he truly is!

Our Mission

For students to be inspired, equipped, and constantly living to advance the gospel all of life!

Be inspired!

It only takes a glimpse of seeing who Jesus is to be forever changed by him (Matthew 4:19, Luke 9:28-36). On Friday nights we meet together for our large group gathering from 7:00-9:00pm. Through worship singing, gospel-centered teaching, and meeting new friends students have many opportunities to catch a glimpse of our glorious God! But we want to grow closer to God together and we do this by setting our gaze on Him in our equipping labs which are described below!

Get Equipped!

On Sunday Mornings at 9am, we have seperate Middle & High School equipping classes that focus on growing students knowledge of our eternal, infinite, and perfect God! These classes focus on deepening our roots and soaking up the endless nutrients of God's Word into our hearts and minds. From the classes, students gather with families, friends, and other church members for fellowship in the gym between services and then join in worship at the 10:30 service to continue gazing on the beauty of Christ (Ps 27:4)!

Live to spread!

One of our sayings with Cornerstone Students is, "Go with the gospel!" What this means is quite simple, our end goal for students is to launch them back into their families, schools, teams, and eventually, all over the world to make disciples! We partner with other churches and ministries to encourage students and create joint opportunities for evangelism and disciple-making. We also plan strategic events, mission trips, and service days to strengthen the courage, conviction and competance of our students in living on mission with and for Jesus.

If you're interested in making disciples at your school or in the community get in touch with us!


admin@cornerstonefree.com | 847.724.7277