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Cornerstone Worship

Cornerstone Worship is the musical expression of the church and is primarily responsible for leading the body of Christ in singing to the Triune God every Sunday morning. We are a team of musicians and vocalists, artists and thinkers, singers, songwriters, listeners, and collaborators. We are men and women from different backgrounds, different countries, different races, ages, and upbringings, yet united by the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our passion, rooted in Scripture, is to foster an atmosphere of worship that glorifies God and propels His people to sing to Him with all of their hearts. 


Preparing for Sunday

Our desire is to be a people whose hearts and minds are prepared for Sunday worship, so that we might encourage one another as we treasure Christ and be changed by Him as we behold Him (2 Corinthians 3:18). To assist in our preparation we publish a weekly "Prepare for Sunday" blog each week and would encourage you to enjoy Jesus through viewing the videos and Scripture given there. Also, take a moment to view our YouTube playlist to become familiar with a few of the songs that we regularly sing on Sundays. We are committed to congregational singing and our playlist will assist each of us to lift our voices in unity to glorify our great God together!

sundays at cornerstone

Lead Musicians


Peter Nelson - Mark Griffin - Peter Hang - Damon Shattuck

Cornerstone Worship is filled with men and women who use music to point people to the infinite worth and beauty of God. Mark Griffin, the Director of Music, leads this team of musicians, vocalists, and production assistants. Along with Mark, the church is pointed to the Lord through singing by our Lead Musicians - Peter Nelson, Peter Hang, and Damon Shattuck. Each week, one of these four men will humbly, fearfully, and joyfully inspire and encourage God's people to join voices with the heavenly host and praise our great God.