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Life Groups

A Vision for Growth

Like many churches, Cornerstone has a very clear vision of what we believe God has called us to. We phrase our vision this way:

To be a vibrant community where God is clearly changing lives as people regularly take visible steps of faith.

We strive to accomplish this by living out our mission…

To inspire & equip God’s people to spread the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

In order to see lives truly changed, visible steps of faith taken, and the good news of Jesus spread in and through us, we are committed to living our lives together on a mission for God’s glory. This cannot be done solely by our Sunday gatherings but must take place in smaller communities. We call these Life Groups.

At Cornerstone, Life Groups are the heart of the Church. We aren’t a church that simply offers Life Groups as another ministry program or avenue for growth. We are a church of Life Groups that strive together to spread, both deep and wide, the life-changing message of Jesus our Lord!


A community of believers, usually 6-12 adults, committed to meeting together regularly to strengthen one another in the faith and reach out to their neighbors. It’s really that simple.


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