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Cornerstone Ministry Care

As we walk through life, sooner or later, everyone needs help. We all have defining moments in our lives when we need someone to talk to - challenging circumstances, relational pain, transitional seasons. Who we depend upon and how we respond during these times will directly affect our relationship with God and others far into the future.

Cornerstone Ministry Care supports and guides individuals, couples, and families with life-giving care as they navigate through change in every season of life. At Cornerstone Church, you don’t have to go through it alone; whatever it is for you right now. It is not God’s intention for you to struggle in isolation or silence. We are here to listen to you and to help.

Scripture reminds us to:

Gently encourage those who struggle; reach out to the exhausted and take care of those who are weak. - 1 Thessalonians 5:14

Share each other’s burdens and in this way obey the law of Christ. - Galatians 6:2

Our Ministry Care Team of experienced, mature Pastors and Elders are available to celebrate your special occasions or walk with you through the painful experiences and difficult transitions of life. We will listen to the story about your situation and seek to fully understand what is going on in your life. Together, by faith and through seeking God’s wisdom, we can help you identify potential solutions and access practical resources that enable you to take the next steps forward through the changes or uncertainty you are facing.


Our Ministry Care Team is here to pick up the Shield of Faith and the Sword of the Spirit as we take our place on the front lines in praying for our church family. We are always available to hear and pray over your prayer requests. Scripture shines with its display of the effectiveness of prayer and it is to Scripture we look to first when interceding for anyone.


Our team of Pastors and Elders are available to listen and hear your story. They will speak the truth and help determine your next best step. Life is not always easy and sometimes we just need a person to talk to. We are here for you and will provide a safe environment to discuss life’s most pressing issues.


Perhaps you could use some help resolving a conflict between you and someone else. Our Elders will provide biblical ways to resolve conflicts personally and privately, just between you and the other party. Looking to Christ as our example and relying on His grace, our team seeks to display his love, mercy, forgiveness and wisdom in order to dissipate anger, improve understanding, promote justice, and model repentance and reconciliation.


For those who are hospitalized or undergoing surgery, we provide pastoral presence, prayer, and encouragement. Our Pastors make visits and our Elder team considers it a privilege to pray for those experiencing health crises. The needs of those who suffer are unique. It takes effort and commitment to minister effectively. Because suffering is such an individual experience, our Elder team is comprised of those who are good listeners and committed to God’s word so that they might minister lovingly and with wisdom. 


The Cornerstone benevolence fund exists to provide assistance to members and regular attenders who are experiencing a season of financial hardship. Please present your need to your Life Group leader who will then present the need to the Elders. You may also speak directly to one of the Elders. These are the people who will be able to walk alongside you best.


Loss is hard. Although everyone handles grief differently, nobody handles it easily. One of the ways that Christ comforts His children is through His body – the church. Romans 12:15 reminds us to “weep with those who weep.” After all, that’s what Jesus did. When His friend Lazarus died, He wept with Mary and Martha over their loss (John 11:35). Our pastoral staff and Elders will come alongside and help you understand the experiences you are going through and give you tools to grow in the midst of your grief. They will help you discover, through Scripture, how God will guide you, comfort you, and provide for you during your grieving.


Great and Godly marriages don't just happen! An important part of having a joyous and Christ-honoring marriage is preparation. Premarital counseling will help prepare engaged couples for strong, lasting marriages. Over the course of several sessions, a Pastor or an Elder will guide the couple in laying a strong, biblical foundation for their marriage - a foundation that will last a lifetime.


Our trained professional counselors are available to help you realign, strengthen and enhance your relationship with your spouse. We believe that healthy relationships that lead to satisfying marriages honor God and are foundational to society. Because we believe this, we offer the application of sound biblical principles within the context of a Christian environment where the word of God is given preeminence.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss a need you may have, please contact our Administrator Emma Biggins at or call the main office at 847.724.7277. She will connect you with a Pastor or an Elder depending on your individual question or need.