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A Vision for Congregational Singing


The book of Revelation gives us the clearest picture of what heaven will be like. And in that glimpse, we see the hosts of heaven and multitudes of people from every tribe, language, and nation from the beginning of time lifting their voices in adoration to God Almighty. Picture that. The angels, the living creatures, the elders, and the saints, in thunderous unison, crying out the majesty and worth of our Lord.


Now think of Sunday mornings. When we gather together as the body of Christ and sing, we embrace the Lord’s will here on earth as it truly is in heaven. We join the heavenly chorus as we join with each other singing. There is a reason that throughout the entire Bible we see verse after verse commanding us to sing to the Lord. It is our duty and it is our delight. This is what we will be doing for quite literally billions of years in heaven: praising God and loving every second of it.


My vision for this coming ministry year is that we become a church filled with people who sing with all of their hearts; that we would unite in congregational singing. We will sing the doctrinally rich hymns of the past and we will sing the breathtaking truths found in the songs of the present. When we gather together, I want us to sing songs that people can sing, that we should sing, and that we love to sing. I want us to sing songs that are Christ-centered and Bible-saturated, songs that elevate the might, power, sovereignty, and love of God. Let us sing so that God gets the glory and we get His joy.


So my prayer is that you will join us in congregational singing, whether it is an old song or a new song, whether it is a hymn or a chorus, whether it is fast, slow, quiet, or loud. My prayer is that as a church we will shed our musical preferences and tastes to join in something far greater than ourselves. My prayer is that we will join the heavenly host and with all of our hearts sing praises to the Lord together.

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