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Minutes Matter


The direction of a child’s life can be changed, for better or for worse, in just a minute. A quick encouragement can set a child upon a path of perseverance and confidence, yet a moment of abuse can shatter everything they thought they knew and plunge them into shame and self-doubt. I’m sure we can all think of moments in our childhood when someone stepped in and offered us encouragement; told us that we were competent; told us that we were valuable.


Everything we do as a Children’s Ministry should center on this goal: for each child to know and make known the Lord Jesus. This is why we have Sunday School, AWANA, and VBS. This is why we desire to build relationships with parents. This is why we want to work together with all our volunteers as a Children’s Ministry Team. 


Every parent, staff member, and volunteer should be armed with the whole gospel, in both word and deed, for those moments God will use to inspire a child’s heart. No task is too small for God to use to change a child’s heart. 


Yes, the Holy Spirit alone can bring a child from death to life, but God chooses to work through people. He works through us, and it may only take a minute.

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