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Read Your Bible

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A single sentence once changed my life. Words have power.

Words formed into sentences are the building blocks of communication. Concise, clear captivating words combine to form ideas that change history. Personal and global direction pivots on words well composed. Jesus described as the “Word became flesh” opens multiple dimensions of meaning and possibility. God speaks and in a flash; light illuminates a universe. God speaks and a human heart is absolved of darkness and betrayal. The power of God’s Word changes lives.

Maybe you have embarked on a yearlong plan to read through the Bible. Maybe you have a systematic approach to read various parts of the Scriptures. Maybe you are a wanderer, meandering through the chapters of God’s Word one by one disconnected from plan or purpose. Some might be occasional verse grabbers, a verse for the circumstance, the need of the moment. In any of these cases, there is still a single truth. You are engaging God, the King of the Universe. Unlimited in power, authority, and knowledge God brings the extension of Himself into His Word. Readers at every level enter a possibility of change. Why? Jason Meyer succinctly answers, “… a time of great gravity because every word from God demands a response.”

What does your habit of daily time in the Word of God looks like today?

Francis Chan suggests that we sometimes study the Bible for the wrong reasons; two of them are guilt and status. Guilt, we establish a Bible quota, we must read x amount every day. Status, we want to be the go-to Bible answer person, looking for the peer recognition that Bible knowledge brings.

Interact with these motivations in your own experience and other motivations you have had.

Some of the right reasons God gave us the Bible, Chan states are:

  1. To teach us about Himself.
  2. To teach us about ourselves and the world we live in.
  3. To enable us to live Godly lives.
  4. To facilitate a relationship with God.
  5. To exalt God.
  6. To prepare us for our God-given mission.


Why are you reading the Bible? Or why aren’t you reading the Bible

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