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Losing Ourselves in the Mission of Christ


I hope you are as exicted as I am for our semi-annual congregational meeting this Sunday!

I'm so grateful for these opportunities to welcome new members and hear about what God is doing in and through so many of you. I love taking a step back during these meetings to be reminded of how good, gracious, and continually faithful He has been to us, even us. Yes, even us, a people easily distracted, deterred, and disobedient in our pursuit of Him and His mission. 

Praise God that He will complete every good work in us, both individually, but also collectively as Cornerstone Church (Philippians 1:6)!

My hope in this post is simple. May we, together, be a people who lose ourselves in the mission of Christ. That we would decrease that Christ might increase (John 3:30). Would we be so bold to lose ourselves in the glorious gospel of our God? Would our agendas, plans, and dreams as a church, and personally, be saturated with prayer, submission to God, and truly flow from an audacious faith in the King of creation who is with us always (Matthew 28:20). 

One of the prayers of my life comes from the words of Count Zinzendorf (1700-1760), bishop and missionary of the Moravian Church. The words are this; "Preach the gospel. Die. And be forgotten." I love this, because it screams, "It's all about Jesus!" 

Are those words true of your posture this week? Is this your attitude? May this be our personal prayer this week as we approach our worship gathering this Sunday, our semi-annual meeting, and Passion Week. Also, don't be surprised if this honest prayer of self-forgetfulness impacts more of your life than you could ever imagine. The joy of counting others as more significant that yourself might be just what you've been looking for (Philippians 2:3)!

A Challenge: Would you tell a fellow church member how you've been blessed by their life and ministry in the past week or month? Would you encourage someone serving in the church in a small way this week?

Resources to help
  • The Bible
  • The Art of Self-Forgetfulness by Tim Keller // Check out the Review!