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The Bible Lived


“He who hears these words of mine and builds his life on them shall be like a man who builds his house on a rock.” Matthew 7:24. Jesus brings the great sermon to a close. His listeners, leaning in to hear the finale, were astonished at his Teaching. His Twelve listened better than most because they lived His words to the end of their days. Someone has well said, “No verse of the Bible is known until it is lived.”

At Cornerstone we desire to be a people of the Book, not just readers, not just listeners but people who make the pages leap to life by our actions everyday. Sometimes the immensity of the Bible scares away some. It has a cast of thousands. It describes places far away with odd names. It represents cultures that have departed from their heyday. Yet it timelessly speaks to our common human experience, the need for love, the ache for healing from wounds, the desire to find purpose. Many search for peace an entire lifetime. Yet the Bible points to God taking on human flesh to make all of it possible. Jesus is the main character among the thousands. His life described in the Bible makes life today different. And it all can start for you. The Bible uses this line twice: “in the beginning…”. Once as the opening line to the entire Bible and once more to start the story of Jesus. Maybe it can start a new storyline in your life. What is your new beginning?

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