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Do your children believe the Christmas Story?

Do your children believe the Christmas Story_


Santa Claus is a bit ironic. The mythical Santa Claus - ”don't worry; I'll get to Jesus in just a moment - is accepted by a culture that usually stamps out belief in the irrational. However, during December children are celebrated for their unassuming belief in a jolly man who gives gifts.

We have fun dabbling in Santa's stories not only because God created us with vivid imaginations, but also because he has no hold on our hearts. Our lives during the other 11 months would look quite different if we actually believed we were accountable to Santa. For this reason the secular world is ok with a powerless Santa Claus. The world is also ok with nativity Jesus, coloring book Jesus, and hope-to-the-world Jesus, but the world is not ok with LORD Jesus.

Mary vs. King Herod: Is Jesus Lord?

Mary's response to Jesus' coming was, "I am the Lord's slave." (Lk. 1:38) Herod's response was to declare himself as lord (Mt. 2:16). Mary received honor while Herod met with destruction. To truly believe the Christmas story is to acknowledge Jesus as Lord.

The Scribes vs. Simeon & Anna: Is Jesus Savior?

The chief priests and scribes are the Christmas characters most have forgotten. They knew where the Messiah would be born, but they were not looking for a Savior (Mt. 2:5-6). However, Simeon and Anna acknowledged their need of a savior and were prepared to meet him (Lk. 2:30,38). To truly believe the Christmas story is to acknowledge Jesus as Savior.

This Christmas:

Our children are living and learning in a world that only wants them to acknowledge Jesus once or twice a year, if at all. Let us be in unceasing prayer that God will open their hearts: that their familiarity will not breed contempt and that the gospel will transform their complacency.

They need parents and mentors to remind them that it doesn't matter how many times they've heard the Christmas story; what matters is do they believe it?

The simple, foundational belief that Jesus came as Lord and Savior can transform our Christmas and ”more importantly” our families.