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Change. The songwriter said turn and face the change. Easier sung than lived. Why is change so hard? Internal inertia? Personal ease and comfort? Fear of the unknown? Are these obstacles necessary? Can we glean new understanding to help us? Yes I know we can and in fact I would challenge you to work hard at it because change is inevitable. The mere gravitational well of aging is a testament to change, from shrinking physical strength to cognitive decline. We use expressions like, “I ain’t  what I used to be?” The Scriptures tell us that change is needed and necessary. First as a matter of growth and maturity change points to God’s work in us, new creations. This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun! 2 Corinthians 5:17

One of my favorite book titles is Change is Like A Slinky. In this book Hans Finzel says,

Change is …

      About the future.

      About getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.

      About how to make great things happen.

      Change happens over and over again in a never ending, cycling spin.

We can all make the world a better place. We can always improve our organizations (church, families). There is always something we can do better. I love continuous development… The Japanese have a term for it: kaizen. It means tiny little improvements are all we want, but we want them each and every day!

Well let’s do some self-reflection. Here are some ways we react to change. We can be:

a hold out, hoping that the past returns.

a keep out, ignoring change and keeping its effects away.

a move out, relocate and search for a nostalgic place of the past.

a close out, tossing in the towel and moping in defeat.

a reach out, moving with and in the direction of change.

So when the winds of change shift your way how will you respond?



I really enjoyed your Blog. I hope there is more in the future. I know I’m a reach out. I sometimes think about the old days when things were better morally. In my personal life, I’m happy where I’m at.
Live it! I made a typo: I meant to say “love it,” but “live it” is also very apropos! Thank you, Manny, for sharing.

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