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Serving In Children's Ministry

Serving In Children's Ministry

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 12.46.10 PMA friend of mine saw this sign at a Starbucks, and it reminded us of a valuable truth: people make sacrifices for causes they believe in. We serve at blood drives and food shelters, we don't sacrifice our time because we feel that we get something out of it but because someone else gets something out of it.

It would be tough to find someone on a Sunday morning who didn't believe in the importance of children's ministry. After all, Jesus loves them dearly, and they are the future of the church. However, finding people to commit to serving these children is a bit tougher. After all, children's ministry is difficult. I should leave it to those trained in it. Right? These people are parents, teachers, aunts, and grandparents who love the children in their lives. Perhaps a reason for this lack of desire is not due to a lack of interest but to a mental disqualification.

Of course a child needs mature leaders who can accurately and clearly communicate truth, but kids also need someone to know them, encourage them, and pray for them. Serving children is not reserved for the elite or those with plenty of free time. One doesn't need the gift of teaching to read to 6-year- olds, tie a loose shoe, or lovingly play a game with toddlers.

Speaking of children's games, I'm the last person who wants to shove a square peg through a round hole, but there's more than one option when serving with kids. You may not fit the mold of the traditional Sunday school teacher, but an act of kindness or joy can make a difference in a child's life and bring them one step closer to Jesus. Ask anyone serving with the children's ministry and they'll tell you that these are hours well spent. No act of love is so small that God cannot use it to change a child's life.