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Celebrate Christmas With Every Note You Hear

Christmas 2018 blog

There's a song in the air. Christmas is a special time of music. The old familiar carols play. Some of us can't wait for Thanksgiving to be over so we can play Christmas music. Others don't wait and begin playing as soon as possible, literally. Whatever your background is to Christmas music there's one thing that's true. The little baby lying in a manger is the King of the...

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Christmas Through The Eyes Of Simeon And Anna


IntroAs a child I remember experiencing the wonder of Christmas as the season moved forward and the 25th got closer and closer. Though for me at that time, much of what Christmas was about centered around the gifts that might be coming my way. There was a great wonder and excitement about the season. As I grew older into high school, much of that wonder and excitement wane...

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Thanksgiving 2018


We all work. Some work hard. Some work hard at doing nothing, but we all work. When our work is completed we celebrate. Many times the celebration is about us. As we turn our calendars on another Thanksgiving when our turkey traditions are unfurled in full, oven-roasted glory we need to think about how we can best take time to be thankful. The story of Ezra can help us....

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Wanderer on the Path of God


November 18. I went to bed as usual around midnight. I felt the tingling sensation to pick up the Bible that had been sitting on my bedside table, unopened, for the past two weeks. Yet in my stubbornness I resisted once again and pulled up my phone to browse YouTube and Reddit. It didn't take long 'til I was bored again. There was no new content on these sites. I had alrea...

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Every Disciple Of Christ Needs To Be A Church Historian

Blog Graphics 10.16

Is church history a Biblical imperative? Since the Bible never explicitly commands believers to know church history, does that mean we do not have to study and know it? On the contrary, I believe that being a follower of Christ means that we must know and learn church history. In the great commission, Jesus tells his disciples to teach them to observe all that I have comm...

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Feeding Your Children (So they can feed themselves)

Blog Graphics 10.4

Feeding Your Children (So they can feed themselves) A long time ago in a country across the sea, there was a land where the people were starving. The peasants had no way of getting food, and the rulers kept it all to themselves, while never eating a morsel. Then a man named William Tyndale defied the powers of the day and starting handing out food to as many people as pos...

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A Family That Worships Together Is A Characteristic Of A Godly Family

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James W. Alexander (1823-1858) was a pastor during the nineteenth century who is not well-known among Christians today, but this does not mean that the things he wrote have no relevance for our lives. Everyone knows that Sunday morning is a time for the shepherd to feed his sheep, but the question should be asked, what are we congregants to do during the other six days? ...

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Change. The songwriter said turn and face the change. Easier sung than lived. Why is change so hard? Internal inertia? Personal ease and comfort? Fear of the unknown? Are these obstacles necessary? Can we glean new understanding to help us? Yes I know we can and in fact I would challenge you to work hard at it because change is inevitable. The mere gravitational well of ag...

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The Beauty of Diversity

Blog Graphics 9.11

Have you ever thought about how weird it would be if our body was made of one bodypart? Think about it. Instead of having a head, a core, arms, legs, eyes etc., what if wewere just a nose or just one big foot? Or what if a foot tried to do the job of an eye, and the hand of an ear simply because itreally wanted to be that other body part? It wouldn't work right?! As hard ...

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Is My Child Saved?

Blog Graphics 8.28

Every Christian parent desperately wants their child to receive God's grace and trust in Christ for salvation. But even after saying a prayer for forgiveness, there can be moments where we step back and ask, "Are they really saved? Or are they just going through the motions?" The younger the child, the harder it is to see whether or not they have truly passed from unbeli...

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