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Contentment. In Child-Rearing?

Contentment. In Child-Rearing_

Contentment. In Child-Rearing? Meeting my newborn nephew was an exciting experience, but he was growing up fast. After just one year he changed drastically (as all babies do). Riding in the car with my sister-in-law I commented that she must miss how small he used to be and wished that time could slow down for a while. Her answer surprised me: "No. I try to be content n...

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Feeding Your Children (So they can feed themselves)

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Feeding Your Children (So they can feed themselves) A long time ago in a country across the sea, there was a land where the people were starving. The peasants had no way of getting food, and the rulers kept it all to themselves, while never eating a morsel. Then a man named William Tyndale defied the powers of the day and starting handing out food to as many people as pos...

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Is My Child Saved?

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Every Christian parent desperately wants their child to receive God's grace and trust in Christ for salvation. But even after saying a prayer for forgiveness, there can be moments where we step back and ask, "Are they really saved? Or are they just going through the motions?" The younger the child, the harder it is to see whether or not they have truly passed from unbeli...

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Do your children believe the Christmas Story?

Do your children believe the Christmas Story_

Santa: Santa Claus is a bit ironic. The mythical Santa Claus - "don't worry; I'll get to Jesus in just a moment - is accepted by a culture that usually stamps out belief in the irrational. However, during December children are celebrated for their unassuming belief in a jolly man who gives gifts. We have fun dabbling in Santa's stories not only because God created us wi...

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Serving In Children's Ministry

Serving In Children's Ministry

Serving children is not reserved for the elite or those with plenty of free time. One doesn't need the gift of teaching to read to 6-year- olds, tie a loose shoe, or lovingly play a game with toddlers. ...

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Minutes Matter


The direction of a child’s life can be changed, for better or for worse, in just a minute......

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