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Archives for October 2018

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Wanderer on the Path of God


November 18. I went to bed as usual around midnight. I felt the tingling sensation to pick up the Bible that had been sitting on my bedside table, unopened, for the past two weeks. Yet in my stubbornness I resisted once again and pulled up my phone to browse YouTube and Reddit. It didn't take long 'til I was bored again. There was no new content on these sites. I had alrea...

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Every Disciple Of Christ Needs To Be A Church Historian

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Is church history a Biblical imperative? Since the Bible never explicitly commands believers to know church history, does that mean we do not have to study and know it? On the contrary, I believe that being a follower of Christ means that we must know and learn church history. In the great commission, Jesus tells his disciples to teach them to observe all that I have comm...

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Feeding Your Children (So they can feed themselves)

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Feeding Your Children (So they can feed themselves) A long time ago in a country across the sea, there was a land where the people were starving. The peasants had no way of getting food, and the rulers kept it all to themselves, while never eating a morsel. Then a man named William Tyndale defied the powers of the day and starting handing out food to as many people as pos...

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